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Step 1: Subscribe to a Plan

Select the plan that works for you & request as many copywrite versions as you’d like. You can pause anytime.


Step 2: Request New Copy

Add copywriting requests to your online staging area. They’ll be completed in priority order, one at a time.


Step 3: Receive Your Content

Most tasks are turned around within 48 hours. We’ll revise the text until you’re 100% satisfied.


Experience luxury that you’ll wish you had discovered sooner.

You get a top copywriter

Crazy good Copy & SEO expertise at your fingertips.

Lightning fast delivery

Get pages back one at a time in just a couple days on average.

Fixed monthly rate

No surprises here. Even if you pause.

Art House

Content staging area

Add unlimited requests to your list — prioritize your needs.

Crafted by a Human

AI is engaging, yet Humans tell better stories that people love.

Unique copy 100% yours

Request web text copy, emails, even digital products.

What others say…

“Gets the Job done”

In twelve years of working with Aaron, he is dedicated to detail and gets the job done. We have done very well together.

  • Josh, BG Seed Co.
“Raised conversion rate 2.1%”

Thanks for the great copy. The conversion rate is up over two percent making for a good roi.

  • Derek, REI Real Estate
“Wonderful to work with”

Aaron was wonderful to work with and was very responsive, quick to complete projects, and required little direction.

  • Zach, CEO Romingo

How is this better than using a freelance service?

Great point! The freelance landscape results in a minefield of steep costs and green talent. But Art House Copy is different. Led by a 12-year marketing pro, you get a straightforward, budget-friendly monthly rate — with no strings attached. Benefit from specialists who know how to make text tailored to the senior market. Unlimited copywriting… no hidden fees, no stress, just pure professionalism.

Plus you get…


Never worry about meetings again

We can handle all communications async, meaning you save time and your sanity. No more missed Zoom calls for you.


Organize with Trello

Manage your tasks board using Trello. You can view active, queued and completed tasks easily.


Invite unlimited team members

Invite anyone from your team who needs visibility. Everyone can submit requests and track their progress.


You get professional quality work dealing with text copy.

1. Attention grabbing headlines
2. Smart sub headlines to help boost your SEO
3. Intriguing stories and psychological triggers that visitors love
4. Persuasive emails with consistent messaging
5. Digital products written and packaged for you to sell or give away… for lead magnets and tripwires

Look at all these creatives we take off your hands…

Tailored Copy

H1, H2, H3


Button Copy

Digital Products

Call To Action

Product Descriptions


Video Titles

Senior Captions

Email Content


SEO Optimization


Case Study Intros

Ad Headlines

+ any writing you need assistance with

Membership Options

Okay, so here’s the deal…
Select your plan, receive great copy, pause when you choose.

Monthly Plan
(Most Popular)


✅ Instant access

✅ Unlimited copywriting requests

✅ 1 task at a time

✅ No contract or commitment

✅ Unlimited team members

✅ BONUS: Full page SEO audit

✅ No surprises – Monthly flat fee

✅ Pause any time

Quarterly Plan (Save $100/mth)


✅ Instant access

✅ Unlimited copywriting requests

✅ 1 task at a time

✅ Unlimited copy revisions

✅ Unlimited team members

✅ BONUS: Full page SEO audit

✅ Savings on 3/mth payment

✅ Renew or pause any time

Unlimited copywriting requests, handled one task at a time, pause any time

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Commonly Asked Questions

That lingering question you might still have — is probably answered below.

You get unlimited copywriting requests, handled one task at a time. Pause any time — no questions asked.

Hiring a full-time copywriter with these professional skills now exceeds $100,000 — plus benefits (and good luck finding one available). Considering the current downsizing phase experienced by numerous companies, the cost may not always be justified due to limited workload.

Alternatively — with a monthly subscription — you have flexibility to pause and resume your subscription as you’d like. You only pay for copywriting services as you need for them.

Once subscribed, you’re able to start immediately and add as many copy requests to your queue as you’d like. They’ll be delivered one by one.

Topics dealing with medical procedures, professional tutorials on specialized skill sets such as programming, design tools, science, etc. would be something we try to leave to the respective experts. We also do not prefer content related to a tech product’s small details.

Typically you can expect to receive your output within 48 hours. The only instance where this might differ is when you request larger tasks or projects, such as the creation of a substantial digital product. In such cases, we will collaboratively determine a suitable timeline, ensuring timely delivery that aligns with the project’s requirements.

Art House is a business of one. Every single word you receive will come from Aaron, a 12-year marketing and copywriting pro. Aaron has had single letters make over 7 figures annually along with helping 32 of the world’s largest CPA affiliate networks funnel their thousands of incoming leads into converted sales. Human content only!

You can pause any time. We understand you may not have enough copy work to fill up an entire month. Perhaps you only have one or two requests at the moment. That’s where pausing your copywriting subscription comes in handy.

Our billing cycles run on a 31-day basis. As an example, if you use Art House for 17 days and then hit pause, your billing cycle freezes too. You’ll still have 14 days of service remaining for future use. Even though your payment for the month is complete, those 14 days are always there, ready and waiting for your word.

There’s many ways in how you can request work in Trello. This includes requesting work directly in Trello, sharing Google docs, even recording a brief video (for those that prefer to not write things out). If it can be linked in Trello, we can work with it.

Art House specializes in a style of copywriting specifically crafted to enhance conversions, making it an ideal choice for companies and founders committed to improving their conversion rates, particularly when it comes to landing pages.

Clients with a product or service that appeals to seniors and retired people are a perfect match for us. Clients seeking swift testing and iterative processes are an ideal match for us due to our quick turnaround capabilities.

However, if you are seeking to overhaul your entire brand message, collaborating with a long-term research and writing partner may be more of what you need.

Not at all. AI is great tool for many things, but high-converting storytelling copy is not among them. The copy you receive will always be from the brain and keyboard of Aaron (who is a human being).

One thing that sets us apart is our innovative approach to copy evaluation. Aaron, in collaboration with a rising star in data science, has developed a unique “reading robot”. This AI-powered tool meticulously reviews the human-written text copy, ensuring it holds its ground against the competition.

But it doesn’t stop there…. our bot also identifies weak spots in competitor’s copy, providing us with a strategic edge. We leverage these insights to your advantage — turning their weaknesses into your strengths.

No worries! We’ll continue to work on it and revise until you’re 100% satisfied.

That’s fine. You can pause your unlimited copywriting subscription when necessary and resume it when you have more requests. There’s no need to let any unused portion of your subscription go to waste.

Due to the high quality nature of the work, there will be no refunds issued. If you need to cancel for any reason, just pause your subscription — no questions asked.

Unlimited copywriting requests, handled one task at a time, pause any time

Not sure if Art House is the perfect fit?

Intrigued… but not quite convinced with the example? Perfectly normal. We’ll answer all your questions and give you an honest assessment if we can add substantial value for you. Our client roster is limited, so we do our best to work with companies that are a good fit. We’d love to chat.


Unlimited copywriting requests, handled one task at a time, pause any time